Cotton Candy Siren Necklace


The Cotton Candy Siren Gold plated necklace features Amazonite and Rose Quartz crystal gemstone accents and pink/blue resin ombre gummy bear with a gold plated lobster clasp closure.

Known as the “hope” stone, the Amazonite crystal is an excellent manifestation tool. Embracing the fluid energy of water, this stone guides you to overcome setbacks, obstacles and challenges that present themselves along your life’s journey. It works by clearing away fears, doubts, and worries and replacing lower vibrational energy with positivity, optimism and hope. In this way, your crystal acts as a tool to help you change your perspective and flip the script when you are feeling stuck or close to giving up.

This piece is unique and one of a kind … just like you!
This is a delicate piece of art so handle with care!