About Holly Treats

Holly Treats is a resident internet starlet who has been capturing our attention and hearts with her content since 2014. Between hanging out on livestreams, playing video games, doing cosplay and connecting one on one with her fans, Holly is a well rounded content creator who lives and breathes art as a lifestyle.

Long before her internet debut, Holly has been making art with her family since day one. She is a 4th generation artist and learned how to make jewelry from her mom. That warm love from mom goes into every piece of jewelry available on this website. "My mom always taught me to use the highest quality gemstones and materials. She taught me to think outside of the box and how to be a trendsetter."

Holly Treats is known for her relatable authenticity and bombshell sparkle. We have seen her on-set as a model and actress as well as dressed down making Tiktoks at theme parks. Holly is always at the forefront of new styles and trends so subscribe to our newsletter to be the future of style with us!.